"Clear instruction from amazing teachers combined with a relaxed, fun atmosphere - I'm ready to continue Swing dancing all year round!"
DM April 2013

"That was a GREAT waltz lesson last evening... count me in from
now on taking ANY other lessons you and Ret are giving ANYWHERE.
I like your style of teaching. It is organized, consistent, and you both pay attention to detail... your passion for dance shines through"
DK May 2011

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Waltz ~ Swing

We'll post future lesson dates on this page.

Instruction by Peggy Leiby & Ret Turner

~ Waltz Enrichment - 2 Classes ~
March 15 & 22
2014: 10:30 - 11:30 a.m.

Summit Presbyterian Church
6757 Greene Street, Philadelphia, 19119
(in Mt. Airy, corner of Greene & Westview)

Following up on the basics sessions in February, we're opening it up to all with two classes that will include zig-zags and nifty promenade moves.

Expand your repertoire of moves and develop your partnering skills


$20 for 2 classes or $12 for 1 class

Let us know if & when you plan to attend so we can monitor gender balance:
215-643-4397 ~

~ Swing Dance ~
Wednesday in April, April 9

Allens Lane Art Center
Allens Lane & McCallum Street, Phila., PA 19119

Swing Open Session: A session at Allens Lane Art Center for any of our present or recent students. We'd play tunes and practice the material that we've covered over the course of the last few months. There would be open dancing; and Peggy and I would work individually with dancers on their moves and technique -- perhaps in the smaller room.

Peggy and Ret have been teaching waltz and other couple dances since Mostly Waltz (a popular monthly social dance) was formed in 1999.

         ~ Partners not required

         ~ Registrations will be reasonably gender balanced

Questions? Contact Peggy or Ret at 215-643-4397 ~ lessons@mostlywaltz.com