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Mostly Waltz Workshops

Our portfolio of themed workshops is a selection of over decades worth of workshops at Mostly Waltz and other dance events, both local and afar. The content of each workshop interprets a style of mood of waltz music, such as Latin, orchestrated, slow tempo, blues, etc.

We always include handy couple dance tips and technique when we teach that even seasoned dancers will appreciate, as well as favorite flourishes

Instruction by Peggy Leiby & Ret Turner
Peggy and Ret have been teaching waltz, swing and other couple dances since Mostly Waltz (a popular monthly social dance) was formed in 1999. Questions? 215-643-4397 ~    

Upcoming Teaching Schedule - with Peggy & Ret unless shown otherwise


~ Waltz Classes at various locations

~ April 29: Zwingli Church, Souderton, PA 18964. Swing dance lesson taught by Peggy & Ret followed by live music by the Royalaires, a 16-piece band.

~ Oct 26 - Dec 7: Thursday evenings except Nov 23: Haverford College, Haverford, PA Waltz classes, sponsored by the Haverford Folk Dance Club

~ Nov 10 - 12: Head for the Hills Getaway Weekend, Kresgeville, PA, sponsored by the Princeton Country Dancers - A getaway weekend of dance, music and song in the Poconos, sponsored by Princeton Country Dancers. Peggy & Ret will teach workshops in: waltz, Cocktail Party cram and a Couple Dance Pourri: Waltz flouriches, Schottische, Zwiefachers


~ Mostly Waltz - pre-dance lessons, your choice of lessons: Basic Waltz, OR at an Intermediate Level that could be waltz or another style danced at Mostly Waltz

~ ask us about private instruction


Follow-up material

PDF: Tips & Technique

Video: how to play a YouTube video at different speeds

Visit our page of video links


Waltz Across Texas Waltz Mixer


taught at Mostly Waltz: Jan 26, 2020
by Barbara Benton & Ret turner


The Cross step-waltz Mixer
choreographed by Richard Powers

Cross-step Waltz Mixer (video)

Lessons in January 2020
by Peggy Leiby & Ret turner


The Bohemian National Polka
choreographed by Richard Powers

video, and you'll find many more


taught at Head for the Hills: November 10, 2019
& lessons in January 2020
by Peggy Leiby & Ret turner


The Wonderful World of Waltz
video of waltz moves - Judy & Jim's wedding

taught at Mostly Waltz: September 22, 2019
by Peggy Leiby & Ret turner



Alte Kath video ~ Eisenkeilnest  video ~ Wintergrun video

Nudli (PPWW) - we don't see a video on YouTube for this one

Bayerischer Bauer - we displayed/spoke this pattern video ~ NEFFA 2012 video

Waltz Pivots

Pivots in 6 steps, and 4 steps/stop: (1:10 - 01:28) video

Pivots twirl-out to latin flavored music: (00:15 - 00:19) video

taught at Mostly Waltz on April 28, 2019
by Peggy Leiby & Ret turner


Under the Arch & Keep it Flowing

Under the Arch to the "Zak" routine video

Under the Arch to Promenade & Other Flourishes video

Side Slips (slightly similar to pivots as a rhythm break) (00:01 - 00:16) video

taught at NEFFA on April 13, 2019
by Peggy Leiby & Ret turner


Salty Dog Rag video

Swing Move (00:20) video

taught at Mostly Waltz March 24, 2019
by Peggy Leiby & Ret turner


The Wonderful World of Waltz

Waltz Fundmentals in Line of Directions into Promenade, Around the World Video

Under the Arch, Rotary waltzing, plus more Video

Video Cradle variations

Suzanne Patterson Center, Princeton, NJ, March 23, 2019
by Peggy Leiby & Ret Turner

sponsored by Princeton Country Dancers


Waltz Across Texas video

note: Ret added a few moves to the choreography you'll see on the video

taught at Mostly Waltz February 24, 2019
by Peggy Leiby & Ret


Two Routines - Names to describe them are welcome;)

The "Zak" routine: (00:59) video
The "hiccups", a playful waltz step: (00:40) video

taught at Mostly Waltz Jan 6, 2019 (20th anniversaery dance)
by Peggy Leiby & Ret turner


Rotary Waltz Technique & Cradle Variations

video - cradle variations

taught at Mostly Waltz July 29, 2018
by Peggy Leiby & Ret Turner


Waltz Workshop - Basics

Video: Waltz Basics in Line of Directions into Promenade, Around the World

Video at 00:08: shows transition to Promenade the way we taught it

taught at Susquehanna Folk Festival July 28, 2018
by Peggy Leiby & Ret turner


Zig-Zags & Zig-Arounds (aka Switchbacks)

video moves taught plus additional variations

taught at Mostly Waltz June 24, 2018
by Peggy Leiby & Ret turner


Workshops at Waltz Time - June 10, 2018

Moves that fit the music: mirror cross steps, zig-zags, hesitation corte, pivots

Rhythm Breaks that include Side Slips (00:01), Pivots (01:10) and more

Waltz Basics in Line of Directions into Promenade, Around the World

"Man Under the Arch", Mirror Cross-Steps, Rotary Waltz, Ochos (both workshops)


Tandem Turns & More for Waltz AND Schottische footwork
video of waltz moves ~

taught at Mostly Waltz March 25, 2018
by Peggy Leiby & Ret turner


Waltz: Lead foot change & Tandem Turns


taught at Mostly Waltz February 25, 2018
by Peggy Leiby & Ret turner


Waltz: Lead foot change & Tandem Turns


taught at Mostly Waltz February 25, 2018
by Peggy Leiby & Ret turner


Waltz: Endearing Charms


taught at Mostly Waltz January 28, 2018
by Peggy Leiby & Ret turner


~ Tango class video ~

some moves taught at Mostly Waltz Jan 7, 2018
by Peggy Leiby & Ret turner


~ Waltz Cradles - Two Sequences
taught at Mostly Waltz Oct 29, 2017
by Peggy Leiby & Ret turner



~ Waltz Twirls, Pivaloops & Wedding Cake
taught at Mostly Waltz Aug 27, 2017 ~
by Peggy Leiby & Ret turner

(video) (more wedding cake transitions)


~ Waltz Hesitations taught at Mostly Waltz 4/30/17 ~
by Charlie Mellor & Toni Janiec


Waltz Workshop at Valley Contra in Bethelehem, PA, 4/8/17

Basics video

Beyond the Basics video, shows rotary set-up &style at 00:47

The Whoosh & more video


Optical Illusion/Tandem Turns by Donna Hunt's lesson 3/26/17

(video) (PDF)


~ Swing class video & video shows some of the moves we teach

Where we've taught

Aiken, SC (2012) ~ Salty Dog Rag, Gay Gordons

Almost Heaven, Camp Ramblewood, MD: (2014, 16) with Ret & Peggy ; (2012, 13) Timber Ridge Camp, High View, WV Steve Gester & Peggy ~ Workshops have included Appalachian Clogging, Basic waltz, Intermediate level waltz, Salty Dog Rag, Swing, Tango" All the dance instruction was terrific, especially that taught by Peggy Leiby and her dance instructor partner Steve Gester. She has an easy way of teaching which is most skillful and efficient. We highly recommend Peggy as an expert instructor in all of the dance forms she teaches. She makes learning dance an enjoyable and memorable experience. So clever, effective, and amazing was her laying the ground work for the Salty Dog Rag by teaching us and having us dance the Shottish (sp?)! Her techie skills are amazing; controlling everything from a device in the middle of the room to choose and control training songs, even slowing the tunes without changing the pitch" George & Marcie, 2013)

Arden Gild Hall, Arden, DE ~ Elegant Waltzing (2005), Wonderful World of Waltz (2015)) We covered lots of our couple dance tips and technique, plus a cool transition to Promenade (video up to 00:16), and for a few afterwards a Twinkle Step into Cross-Step Waltz (video up to 00:18)

Arsht Hall at a University of Delaware campus in Wilmington, DE: dance demos at Oktoberfest with band the String Theory. (2013) Thanks very, very much for taking the time to come to Wilmington and join us for the Oktoberfest program.Your dancing was clearly the highlight of the show! DV, 2013 (note from Peggy:String Theory's music was excellent!)

Baltimore Folk Music Society, Pikesville, MD (October 2011) - Advanced Waltz Workshop during Columbus Weekend Dance Extravaganza with instruction by Steve Gester & Peggy

The Barn, Horsham, PA ~ Hambo ~ Waltz ~ Swing ~ Gay Gordons ~ Schottische

Free First Sundays at the Barnes, The Barnes Foundation, 2025 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia, PA 19130
, Ragtime concert with musicians by Dave Wiesler, Josh Burdick & Susie Lorand. Dance performances by Peggy & Ret: One-Step, Maxixe & Hesitation Waltz, followed by audience participation: Waltz, Charleston Madison (by Richard Powers), One-Step. (Maxixe on youtube: Maxixe, Maxixe, Maxixe)

Blue Bell School of Dance (Summer Dance Camp for children) Blue Bell, PA, (2008-09)

Centocor Corporation, Radnor, PA (2004) ~ Waltz Basics

Central Jersey Dance Society, Princton, NJ (2006) ~ Rotary Waltz

3rd Saturday Contra Dance, Glenside, PA (2009) ~ Schottische, Polka & Waltz ~ afternoon workshop followed by picnic dinner & contra dance

Dancing with the Gods Weekend, Gainesville, FL (2006) ~ Waltz Basics ~ Ins & Outs of Promenade

Doylestown Contra Dance ~ Waltz Basics (Feb 2009) "Thank you all so much for your help that made the Doylestown Contra Dance a success. Peggy and Ret did a great job of leading eager dancers in the waltz".

Folk College, presented by Simple Gifts, Huntingdon, PA (May 2009 -1011) ~ waltz, schottische, zwiefachers ~ clogging, (Peggy) "It was great to have you there and I was impressed with how well you teach. I stopped by your workshop mainly just to peek in and see how the space was working, but then was just enjoying seeing how clearly and patiently you teach". Linda Littleton, Artistic Director, Folk College (May '09) ~

Dear Peggy, Thank you for the wonderful dancing classes! I absolutely loved it, and I'm hooked on clogging already. I learned more in that one class than I learned in a year of regular dance classes. Thank you so much! Sincerely, (Willa, May '11)

Glenside Thursday Night Contra Dance, Glenside, PA (2012) ~ Zwiefacher & Gay Gordons minishops during the break

Greenwood Furnace Folk Gathering presented by Simple Gifts, Huntingdon County, PA (Sept 2012-13) ~ waltz & polka workshop by Peggy & Ret (also clogging and Cape Breton by Peggy), stretch sessions, east coast swing (& clogging by Peggy)

Head for the Hills Getaway Weekend, Princeton Country Dancers (2004-19, 2023) ~ Bohemian National Polka ~ The Gay Gordons ~ Hambo ~ LIne & Party Dances ~ One-Step ~ Salty Dog Rag ~ Schottische ~ Swing - Cool Moves ~ Swing & Jitterbug Basics & Transitions ~ Waltz Basics ~ Waltzing to Latin Flavored Music ~ Waltz Rhythm Breaks ~ Waltz & Schottische Variations ~ Tango ~Zwiefachers I've had numerous classes with Peggy and Ret over the years,and have always found their instruction helpful and fun. They have an excellent sense of what people need and how fast to pace the instruction. Milt, Nov '11. "Peggy & Ret are awesome" from an evaluation form, Nov '14.

Heritage Dance Festival, Plymouth Meeting, PA ~ Waltzing to Latin Flavored Music (2004)

The Hometown Dance Group that dances on Wednesdays at the Lehighton Boys and Girls Band Hall, Lehighton, PA ~ Rotary Waltz & East Coast Swing workshop (2013) Peggy and Ret, I thoroughly enjoyed myself last Wednesday evening LaRae

Inaugural Ball at the Hilltown Creative Arts Academy, Hilltown, PA (Jan 2009) thank YOU so much. It was a fabulous day and you were absolutely amazing with the kids. They all really enjoyed themselves. We're already talking about next year and dancing is definitely included!

Journey's Way, 403 Rector Street, Philadelpia, PA: Couple Dance Classes, Jan, Feb, March 2016 sponsored by Intercommunity Action, Inc.

Jumpin' at the Woodside, (2015) an all-inclusive weekend of Swing, Rhythm & Blues at the beautiful Villa Roma Resort in the Catskills organized by Ari Levitt. Teaching staff includes Peggy & Ret.

MADCAP (Summer Music Camp), Allentown, PA ~English country ~ waltz ~ polka (2004-11, the last time the event was held)

Mostly Waltz Boston - pre-dance waltz lessons (2013 - 2015) People so enjoyed having you there and I heard many nice comments that people liked the material and teaching - new and different but not too overwhelming. It was just perfect. Diane (2013). 2015: taught Ins and Outs of Promenade video

NEFFA, Mansfield High School, Mansfield, MA (2011-19) Advanced Latin Waltz, ~ Latin-style waltzes are up-tempo and exciting. The workshop material includes lunges, pivots and swivels with a "south of the border" feel. Thought I'd get off an email to you straight away to tell you what a great class it was on Saturday at the NEFFA festival. I've taken so many dance lessons in the past and very little has stuck with me. Your Latin Waltz class was different, I learned a lot that I know will stay with me. Your method of teaching was comprehensive. Jim ~ (2011 - 2019) Zwiefachers Session, from easy to challenging patterns (Ret leads, Peggy plays with Mother Zwiefacher Orchestra) ~ (2012) Ins and Outs of Promenade video ~ (2014) One Good Turn Deserves Another video ~ (2015) Intermediate-Level Swing ~ (2016) Cross-step waltz & Waltz zig-zag variations: some of the moves: video & video (2017) Intermediate-level Swing with Swivels theme) ~ (2018) Cross-step waltz, hesitation, corte & more variations:video ~ (2019) Under the Arch video & video~

Old Fiddler's Picnic with FiddleKicks, Hibernia Park in Chester County, PA (2005-08) ~ Waltz Basics

Ottsville Traditional Arts Center (Jan, April, July 2014, april 2016) ~ Contrawaltz events: Waltz Basics & Beyond workshop before a Contra dance with the band Raise the Roof, with some extra waltzes thrown in throught-out the evening, An intermediate level waltz flourische taught either at the end of basics lesson or mid-way through the contra dance. (Sept 2014) Swing & Sway - an evening with a mix of waltz & swing instruction & social dancing

Pocono Waltz Weekend (Nov. 2010) - Ins and Outs of Promanade Workshop

Philadelphia Swing Dance Society - (2010 - ongoing) on rotation for pre-dance swing lesson(s), Jitterbug and/or Lindy styles

Princeton Country Dancers (Jan & Sept 2010, Sept 2011, Mar 2019, Jan 2020) - Waltz afternoon workshop followed by pot-luck & contra dance Thanks again for doing the workshop for PCD. I've gotten only great feedback! And, personally, thanks! ... Finally, waltzing in the man's role, I got it. I don't stay parallel with my partner, but insist on making the dreaded the V-frame. Thanks! It's a long established habit, so it will be hard to break, but I finally understand what's wrong. Marie. ~ (2015) Hambo afternoon workshop for beginners, followed by a pot-luck & contra dance.

Radnor Memorial Library, 114 W. Wayne Ave, Wayne, Pa 19087 (September 2018 - 2 events) Swinging on a Star at the Radnor Memorial Library, 114 W. Wayne Ave, Wayne, Pa 19087. Dance to live music by Jerry Costanzo and his Gotham City Swingers: facebook. Swing demo & lesson with Peggy & Ret.

River Valley Waldorf School Board event (April & October 2014) - Swing dance workshop & dance, at the Ottsville Traditional Arts Center

Salsa in the Suburbs (Aug & Sep 2013) Swing dance & Wedding Prep classes taught by Ret Turner

Summit Presbyterian Church, Phila, PA (2006) ~ One-Step ~ Ins and Outs of Promenade, (2014) Waltz Classes

Swannanoa Gathering - Old-Time Week, Warren Wilson College, Swannanoa, NC (July 2010) - Tips & Technique waltz workshop.

Swarthmore College, (2016) Swarthmore, PA Waltz workshop for students

The Oval, at Eakins Oval, (2014) - Swing Class, 2601 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy Phila. Presented by Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, in partnership with the Fairmount Park Conservancy

Susquehanna Folk Festival, (2018) - Roundtop Mountain Resort, 925 Roundtop Road, Lewisberry, PA 17339, on Saturday, July 28: clogging workshop wit Peggy; Waltz basics workshop including ladies twirl and promenade moves.

Tinicum Arts & Science (October 2014) dance program for high schoolers, at the Ottsville Traditional Arts Center

Valley Contra Dance, Bethlehem, PA ~ Zig Zags & Elegant Waltz Moves (2004), Waltz & Zwiefachers (2010), Waltz (2017)

Victoria's Revenge, Cape May, NJ (2006, the last time the event was held) ~ Waltz Basics & Elegant Waltzing

Waltz Fusion Workshops taught by guest instructor Ari Levitt (April 2012) - Intro to Waltz Fusion, predance lesson at Mostly Waltz; Latin Connections & Flowing Combinations in The Barn. For a peek at Waltz Fusion, check out Ari’s videos and other info at:

Waltz Play, Atlanta, GA (2009) ~ pre-dance waltz lesson

Waltz Time, Spanish Ballroom, Glen Echo, MD (2007, 08, 12, 18) ~ occasional pre-dance waltz lesson ~ Dancing to Latin Style Waltz Music 2-hour workshop before the Sunday dance (2012) ~ Intermediate/Advanced workshop: Dancing to dancing to the music: cross-steps, zig-zags, step points, lunge corte, pivots; Rhythm Breaks; Beyond the Basics workshop: line of direction, man under the arch, around the world, transitions in & out of promenade video; for both workshops (2018)

Waltz Whirl, Greenwood Community Center, 865 Greenwood Road, Greenwood VA, (near Charlottesville) (Jan & Oct 2014) waltz workshops

YMCA, Ambler Branch (2012 -15) ~ Waltz, Swing; Dance for pre-schoolers daycamp ~ dance workshops for Kids Night Out (Ages 4 - 10); Active Older Adults: Tech Talk, tips & technique for IOS devices (Peggy) & Folk Dance classes

Zwingli Church, Souderton, PA 18964. Swing dance lesson taught by Peggy & Ret followed by live music by the Royalaires, a 16-piece band. (2016 - 2019, 2022-23)

These workshops can be conducted at your next event. More fReferences are available

"Thank you for the intermediate waltz class you taught at NEFFA.
I always enjoy your clear and patient teaching method. I find the little "tips" especially helpful. What really surprised/delighted me was that at NEFFA, with a huge room full of people, with only 50 minutes to dance,
you were just as effective and enjoyable as in the smaller venues.
I am not sure how you pulled it off with the crowd as big as it was,
but it was one of the highlights of my weekend.
Many thanks
. Roberta, May 2014



Waltz Basics: Tips & Technique

Waltzing Beyond the Basics

Rhythm Breaks that include Side Slips (00:01), Pivots (01:10) and more

(video) Endearing Charms

(video) Tandem Turns + more, in Promenade

(video) One Good Turn Deserves Another


(video) Rhythm Breaks (grapevines, pivots, side slips, etc.)

(video) Waltzing to the Music
to the tune Judy & Jim's Wedding

(video) Waltzing to Latin Flavored Music

The Wonderful World of Waltz

(video) video Under the Arch

Cross-step Waltz


We lead a pot pourri of group dances that include folk, pop & trad'l styles, such
as English Country, Shim Shim Shimmy, Israeli, Greek, Serbian & Welsh.


Swing Dance (Basics, Cool Moves) video

Swing Dance / Fox-trot -transitions

The Gay Gordons




Salty Dog Rag

Tango (American Style) video

Wedding Prep

Zwiefachers (& Mother Zwiefacher Orchestra)


We teach a blend of "cool" & "folk" dance workshops geared to children of all ages,
with an emphasize on kids having
fun while being rhythmic and creative.


Peggy is the Artistic Director of FiddleKicks, a group that performs Appalachian clogging & other styles of trad'l percussive dance. See our schedule page for upcoming events & classes.

Questions? 215-643-4397 ~